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United Cities Asia helps to connect different stakeholders from the public sector, private sector, and academic institutions. We seek to provide a knowledge platform for city officials who need assistance to identify the right partners and projects to implement.


Lack of information, uncoordinated efforts across different public agencies, limited manpower resources, and insufficient funds can be some of the challenges cities face. We help cities to bridge these gaps and match them with the relevant organization partners or communities that can collectively impact change. 

We can also assist in developing roadmaps, frameworks, and strategies that can be implemented for short-term, mid-term and long-term objectives.

United Cities Asia 4R Disaster Resiliency Roadmap

As a result of climate change, many cities are now seeking disaster resiliency solutions to combat climate change impact where natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, typhoons, etc, can cause damage to cities.


Solving such challenges requires an ecosystem of multiple public agencies coming together with experts of various specializations and linking spatial planning to urban infrastructure planning to organize information. We are also growing our team of experts in this topic to share their knowledge and experience, so if you feel you can contribute, do get in touch. 

Disaster Risk 4 Pillars.png
Disaster Risk 4 Pillars.png

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