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Meet Your Mentors


Let us connect you with experts from the region who have already initiated similar projects that you may be keen to implement in your city.  We want to help you build strong collaborative networks with other cites and our existing network of professionals.

Our United Cities Asia Impact Mentorship Programme is designed to promote the exchange of best practices and help city leaders discover new solutions that can be implemented to create positive impact and social benefit for the community.

Our Impact Mentors will provide you with specialized mentoring, share their experience and guide you through the project implementation process. 

You can accelerate your knowledge building, find innovative solutions, overcome challenges and develop a roadmap to achieve actionable solutions that will help you attain your goals to reach your priority Sustainable Development Goals at the city level. 

Cauayan City's new SDG Park
Mayor Bernard Faustino Dy

Cauayan City took the lead in initiating the implementation of these goals in the local level calling this advocacy as “Labing Pitong Hamon sa Bawat Cauayeño” with the belief that local government units have a big role in making the world a better place for the future generations.

Future of Smart Cities in South East Asia
KC Tay : Chairman, Smart Cities Network

About half of the population in the countries making up the Association of Southeast Asian Nations or the ASEAN live in urban areas, and 70 million people more are expected to become urban dwellers by 2025.

Digital Green Building Assessment
Nilesh Jadhav : CEO, BtrLyf

BtrLyf (pronounced ‘better life’), digitally connects the building industry stakeholders to co-create and collaborate on sustainability projects through its AI-enabled green ‘assessment-as-a-service’ platform that makes performance assessments quick, easy, low-cost and fully automated

Future-Proofing You in Uncertain Times
Yoga Nesadurai : Facilitator and Mentor

The future is about adaptability and the brain is where it all happens. Your health and well-being impact your adaptability. Yoga facilitates, coaches and mentors leaders and individuals using neuroscience and the future self as a cognitive tool to optimise their health and well-being.

Mental Well Being and Social Inclusion
Lisa Teo : Lawyer-turned-Artist

Lisa is a Malaysian lawyer-turned-artist based in Kuala Lumpur. Besides selling her artwork, she conducts art lessons with the aim of helping working professionals take time for themselves to relax, improve their well-being & social inclusion, boost their mental health and self-esteem.

Making Cities Sustainable One Block At A Time
Dylan Soh : Co-founder of One Kind Block

A 17-year old who created the world's first LEGO-like hydroponic system, building community block by block.

Vertical Farm in Singapore
Frank Ngoh: General Manager Tampines Town Council

An initiative in Tampines Park to convert food waste into nutrients for use in vegetable and fish farming. Known as Sustainability @ Tampines Park, the community-based initiative is a circular ecosystem with a black soldier fly facility, a vertical high-tech farm for vegetables such as lettuce and nai bai, as well as a tilapia fish farm.

If you feel that you have the experience to guide our members and have a project case study you would like to share, please connect with us at  Our goal is to build a global network of mentors to nurture cooperation among international, national, and local stakeholders. 

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